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About Us

MAJ_3679With technology reaching heights, we need digital products and from a user’s perception we have introduced digital safes. With startling features and class-apart performance; smart safes are reliable, user-friendly and will provide years of quality service.

MQS digital safes come with various features and are readily installed allowing a trouble free installation procedure.


Some of the other startling features are as follows:

  • Motorized locking bolts.
  • 3-6 digit user code.
  • Internal carpet.
  • CEU function.

With some new innovations customers can now enjoy internal lights and charging power socket, extra CEU units, various carpet colors and mechanical security override. The online platform provides you with an opportunity to come and have a look at all these features. Hotels, offices and motels would love such safes, which includes all the mentioned amenities.

The advance CEU function in the MQS safes makes them technically more equipped. Now the user can open the safe in any emergency, if he/she forgets the password or even if the battery is low. It also includes the audit functions with all the records enlisted and it saves people and their valuables from any fraud or theft.

With high-tech features, various options, high precision, defined color range and reasonable prices, MQS safes are an epitome of an ideal product. They are easy to fix, easy to maintain and with the features mentioned above, they are the best for the security of your valuables.